Our Priority

Connect the world to Turkish higher education and successful delivery of the undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD admissions service remains our first priority.

Our goal is to provide a better educated, more equal and more tolerant world and inspire students worldwide, who will go on to become the next generation of world leaders and innovators.

We have accelerated the personalisation of information and advice for international prospective students, and have invested in the development of new data tools to help students make more sense of the array of courses available.

We motivate and enable international students to make well-informed choices, through the timely provision of personalised (customized) information and advice.

We’re enhancing your information and advice to enable international students to more easily identify, search for, and evaluate courses best suited for the student’s aspirations.

Our Turkish Higher Education market include our undergraduate service, postgraduate and PhD admissions service. Our priority undergraduate offering includes the provision of information and advice about qualifications, progression routes, and higher education, as well as opportunities in the context of graduate careers and employment. We are committed to maintaining our leadership position by offering the best resources, information, services and products for international students in Turkey.

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