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Rector: Prof. Dr. Türkay Dereli
Location: HATAY
Since: 2015


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University Description


Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE) is a young university that has been found on 31st of March 2015. As a young university taking its first steps, ISTE aims to appeal to students from a wide range of backgrounds including international students. Different from other universities across Turkey, ISTE has the trademark of “technoversity” which is formed by integrating “technology” and “university” concepts. In line with the “technoversity” character, ISTE has devoted itself to technology and innovation and aims to develop technological solutions for the problems of society as well as the industry. In order to realize these aims ISTE is willing to accept students (both local and international) who -after their tuition at ISTE- will develop their technology literacy, learn about latest developments in their fields of study, and adopt an innovative approach in their careers.

A unique quality of ISTE that differentiates itself from most other universities is its Integration to the Business World (aka IDE) program. IDE program allows selected students to work full-time in a company that does business in their field of study during the last term of their tuition. During IDE, students do not attend any classes, but rather focus on the companies they work at, diagnose the needs of the company, turn this diagnosis into a project, and support the industry. It is worth noting that IDE is not an internship program, it involves working as a full-time staff member in certain companies.

Apart from IDE, ISTE offers its students tuition opportunities in other universities across Turkey as well as the world. The Farabi Student exchange program allows selected students to study for a term/an academic year at partner universities. The Mevlana and Erasmus Programs, on the other hand, allows selected students to study for a term/an academic year at partner universities in Europe (Erasmus) and other parts of the world (Mevlana).

In terms of social life, Iskenderun is a modern city located next to Mediterranean Sea. The temperature is generally mild throughout the year. People with many different ethnic backgrounds live in Iskenderun. In this sense, Iskenderun is multicultural. Iskenderun is also a unique city with its shopping malls, coast line, education and entertainment centres, and holiday destinations. Cultural activities that appeal to people with different backgrounds take place regularly in the city and life goes on even after office hours.

In terms of accommodation, there are different options for students. There are 3 state-owned dormitories that are governed by the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution as well as other dormitories that are privately-owned. Many landlords also put their houses on the house rental market and offer those to students studying at ISTE.

Last but not least, ISTE harbours a total of 44 student societies (the number keeps increasing day by day) that students can become members of. Those societies range from more academic societies such as Scientific Research Society to more informal ones such as the Outdoor Sports Society. If they want, students are also encouraged to start up their own society.

University Application Dates

15.06.2020 - 03.07.2020


Please provide notarized translations of your documents if they are in any language other than English and Turkish.

  • Copy of your Passport with personal information page on it. If you don’t have a valid international passport at the time of application, please provide a copy of your national ID
  • Copy of an official document certifying successful completion of high school (diploma or school leaving certificate) if available at the time of application. If not available, provide any document demonstrating your education status
  • Copy of an official high school transcript showing all your courses taken during your high school study
  • Exam results if you are applying with an exam (national or internationally recognized), such as SAT
  • Copy of English language proficiency exam if available
  • Copy of Turkish language proficiency exam for Turkish taught degree programs
  • Letter of Intent
  • Reference Letter

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$ 432.0

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