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Bilecik, formerly called "Ertugrul", is a province located in the Marmara Region of Turkey.

Mausoleum of Sheikh Edebali is here. Bilecik is located in the south east of the Marmara Region. Bilecik; It is located at the intersection of Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions. The oldest known names of the city are "Agrilion" and "Belekoma". Bilecik are the lands where the Ottoman Empire was founded.


The life of the city in ancient times is shown in the general history of the Bitinya (Bithynia) region, which also includes Bilecik in its historical sources. Known history of the Bitinya region BC It begins with Thynler from the Thracian tribes living here in the 1950s. The region was later ruled by Egypt, Hittite, Phrygian, Cimmerian, Lydian, Persian, Macedonian, Bithynian Kingdom, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. The first known name of Bilecik is Belekoma.

       Bilecik, which has witnessed the civilization and sovereignty of many tribes in history, is the place where Kayı Boyu came from Central Asia with 400 tents and became the founding center of the Ottoman State in Söğüt. In addition to the privilege that the history of the province dates back to very old times and was the place where the Ottoman was founded, it also played an important role in the foundation of the Republic with the tough struggles and victories in the War of Independence. Mosques, tombs, inns, baths, civil architectural examples, imaret and similar structures, which were built in the Ottoman period, constitute most of the historical monuments in Bilecik with many archaeological and historical monuments.

       A large number of local and foreign visitors come to the 'Ertuğrul Gazi' Memorial and Willow Festivals, which have been traditionally held by the members of the Kayı Tribe tribe for 720 years and are celebrated every year (the last three days of the second week of September). In ceremonies, henna night and life of nomads are revived and javelin shows are performed.


1. Mountain Soup Sour Soup
2. Scrub Soup
3. Lentil Bozüyük Ravioli
4. Bilecik Güveci
5. Finger Patties
6. Dolphin Plum Pepper Stuffed Pepper
8. Zirz
9. Evasive
10. Gök Fasille
11. Huris Traykebabs
12. Quail Kebab
13. Chickpea KebabDesserts
14. Smear Dessert
15. Beet Molasses
16. Starch Halva
17. Bilecik Marketplace Halva

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